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Phone Book Deliveries Wrapping Up this Month!

We're passionate about our Phone Book - you probably didn't know anyone could be passionate about a Phone Book but it turns out you can! It's why we still put the book together by hand instead of relying on a computer program to do the layout. It's also why we proof it five or more times and try to get it as error free as possible.

And for the last five years, we've been just as passionate about getting our treasured book out to EVERY home and business in Tehachapi, Keene and beyond. To do this, we enlist a half-dozen non-profit groups to carefully bag the books, pound the pavement, drive the distance needed to deliver over 14,000 books on or as close to the front door of your home.

It's a GREAT partnership. These groups come together to prep the books, allocate members and volunteers to different areas and then head out in droves. In return, we pay for every book each group delivers helping to not only keep the money local but keep the great projects or each organization moving forward.

So here is a big thank you to all our service groups and non-profits out in the cold January weather delivering books (like Kassie and Taylor shown here helping the Kiwanis Club of Tehachapi today.)

We all hope you enjoy our 2013 edition of Names & Numbers - Tehachapi's Favorite Phone Book!

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