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I would have bought that from you had I known...

One of the worst things any business owner can hear is "I wasn't sure if you offered [insert a product or service you provide here] and was going to call you but couldn't find your number so I just went to [insert your competitor or box store here.]"

It's a horrible sinking feeling to know you lost a sale not only because a consumer wasn't sure if you could help but then secondly because they couldn't find any info, website or phone number on you!

Here at Names and Numbers Tehachapi, we hear it all the time. Yes, we actually get quite a few calls from local residents and even out-of-towners looking for businesses and residents. And when a business doesn't advertise in our book, we DO put them in and under the single best heading we can in the Yellow Pages but that's all we can do. So the problem is if you're a baker and we put you under Bakery but folks are looking under Wedding Services - well, you get missed. And if you're an auto repairman and we have you under Auto Repairs but they look under Smog Inspection you could also get missed.

But there is a simple solution to it all

By placing a display ad in Names & Numbers Tehachapi, you not only get listed under multiple headings but you get an enhanced listing on our website, as well. This is great news for Tehachapi businesses whether they already have a website and want to link to it as well as those who don't yet have a website of their own.

An enhanced listing (like the one shown here for Horse Thief Golf Course) can give viewers all the great details about your business including hours of operation, products and services you offer and a taste of what they should expect when visiting or working with you. Best of all, all this information is searchable and findable by the great folks at Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So when you're ready to get found - look to Tehachapi's Favorite Phone Book - the one with the best content, the best distribution and the ONLY online phone book in our area. Enhanced online listings are FREE this year to display advertisers so give us a call. We're here to help you market your business and are ready and excited to help!