Frequently Asked Questions

Late night browsing leading to some unanswered questions? Try our FAQ's to see if they can be answered here. And if not, feel welcome to contact us!

1. Can I make payments for my advertisement?

We will gladly make arrangements for payments.  We take all major credit/debit cards.  However, all payments are due in full by Oct 31, 2021.


2. Do I need to create my own ad or can someone help me?

We have professional graphics artists contracted with us to provide the very best advertisement for your particular business.  This is included with the price of your ad at no additional charge.

3. How are the books distributed?

Our directory is now sent to every residence and business in the greater Tehachapi area by Direct Mail USPS.  Our books are available at high traffic locations throughout the year.

4. How can I make sure my phone number is NOT listed?

Call your phone service provider and instruct them that you want an unlisted number.  There may be a charge for this.

5. How many books are distributed each year?

Just over 16,000 books.

6. How much does it cost to advertise my business?

We offer advertisements for as little as $60/year.  Check out our rate card for details or call our offices at 661-822-8101.


7. I only have a mobile phone for my business. How do I get my phone number listed in the phone book?

We offer a variety of advertising packages starting as low as $60.00 per year, to ensure your business is properly represented.


8. When is the deadline to advertise my business?

The final deadline for the 2022 edition is Friday, Oct 29th, 2021.

9. Why is my business phone number in the yellow pages in the book, but not online?

Good question! Only paying advertisers appear online. For as little as $60 per year, your business listing will appear both online and in print. Call us today to advertise 661-822-8101 or contact us here.


10. Why is my phone number not listed in the white pages?

Listings are purchased from AT&T each year to make sure they are up to date.  AT&T only provides listings from AT&T and Bright House Networks.  If you have a different phone service provider, or a mobile phone, you will not be listed in the white pages.

11. Why should I advertise my business in the yellow pages?

The most popular way to find a service or business on a local level in the US is by far the yellow pages.  “Let your fingers do the walking” says it all.  If you think don’t use the yellow pages that much, just put it in a cupboard somewhere out of reach for a month and see how many times you reach for it.  If you are in a service business (i.e., carpet cleaning, plumbing, carpentry) or a contractor, you’ll get tons of calls from the yellow pages.  By the time a person gets to the yellow pages, they are already sold; they are looking for the place to buy or the service to be provided.

12. Why should I place my ad long before the advertising deadline?

For several reasons.  First of all, you will qualify for early pay discounts, as well as other discount offers if you place your display ad early.  In addition, you can make your payments in order to receive all discounts available.  Finally, you will be able to proof your ads as needed to make sure no mistakes have been made.