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What is Lifetime Paint? 

Step One in the Lifetime Paint process begins with excellent prep.  Remove all loose paint, old caulking and failing patch material to achieve a clean sound surface. 

Step Two in the Lifetime Paint process is to achieve good adhesion and a water tight seal. Before any patching, priming or painting we must seal the whole surface which is a critical factor in the “Lifetime Paint”.

Step Three in the Lifetime Paint process is using the highest quality caulking and patching materials followed by necessary spot priming.

Step Four in the Lifetime Paint process, is choosing the quality and quantity of the best products for desired thickness and flexibility for maximum life expectancy. 

When all of the above is installed flawlessly, your home will qualify for the manufactures labor and material lifetime warranty. 

Free estimates - Don “Coating Specialist” of 36 years, is standing by to pull the whole plan together for you.


What is Sustainable Roofing?

Sustainable Roofing starts with your existing roof. It is more cost effective (by far) to maintain the roof you already have than to buy a new one.

Here is an introduction:

Step One - Sustainable Roofing begins with a free inspection to reveal if your existing roof is a candidate for our "tune up service", and a quote for any needed, related repairs.

Step Two - Choose one of the acrylic coatings listed below:

•Crystal Clear preservative (5 year warranty)

•Semi Transparent, color infused
preservative with micro fibers and
some UV blockers (7 year warranty)

•Solid Color preservative with an option for heat reflective technology, and if desired, a fire retardant upgrade (12 year warranty). Comes in vibrant roof colors to match your current roof, or you have the option to change your roof to another color without traditional re-roofing.

Step Three - providing any quoted related repairs and the coating installation of chosen product to complete your roofing tune up.

* Compared to other service companies, we provide more choices to consider, with a line of products that come with manufacturer warranties that can be perpetually renewed so your existing maintainable roof can last forever.  This saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars compared to the cost of re-roofing. 

Warranties stay with the house so they are transferable to new owners, a nice selling point. 

Call Don today (before it’s too late to save your existing roof) for a free in house explanation of our amazing products and warranties.  Free inspection and tune up labor included when you purchase one of our Sustainable Coatings.