Local Maps

Map 8 - Tehachapi Map 14 - Hart Flat Map 13 - Horse Canyon Map 12 - Qual Valley Map 11 - Sand Canyon Map 10 - Sand Canyon Map 9 - Tehachapi Map 8 - Tehachapi Map 7 - Oak Knolls & Golden Hills Map 6 - Old Town Map 5 - Brite Valley & Alpine Forest Map 4 - Cummings Valley Map 3 - Stallion Springs Map 2 - Bear Valley Map 1 - Bear Valley

Why We Love These Maps

For as hard as our friends at Google work, their maps of Tehachapi are still just a bit behind. That is why we have partnered with local printer and map-maker, Maurice Gubler who generously provides up-to-date maps to us and all of Tehachapi each and every year. So if you're lost and wondering why an entire neighborhood is missing from another source or your GPS and yahoo maps are leading your friends and family astray, look no further. (PS - Maurice is always looking to keep his maps up to date so FOR CORRECTIONS, EMAIL MAURICE GUBLER.)

Please remember, you're welcome to download and print these maps for your personal use but we ask that you always get Maurice's permission before using them for any other or commercial purpose. You'll find him easy to work with and more than affordable - so please, just email Maurice should your needs go beyond personal use.

Downloadable Versions

Here are quick and easy links to download any or all fourteen sections of the Tehachapi Map. Use the index map at the top of the page to locate which page serves your needs best!